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J.T. Barrett Has Unfinished Business to Tend to This Season According to Urban Meyer
By Tony Gerdeman
According to Urban Meyer, J.T. Barrett needs to hoist some trophies like Cardale Jones did in 2014.
Photo by Jim Davidson

Records are nice, and when he finally leaves Ohio State, J.T. Barrett will likely have more records than any other Buckeye before him. For quarterbacks, however, records are only at the top of the résumé
if there are no championships to recite.

No Buckeye is responsible for more touchdowns than J.T. Barrett, and by the halfway point of the 2017 season, no Buckeye will have thrown for more yards. Heck, if he remains healthy and simply does what he did in 2014 and 2016 on the ground, he's also going to end up being a top five rusher in Ohio State history.

The statistical possibilities are astounding and showcase a very impressive career. It's a career, however, that to this point has only boasted individual trophies and accolades, and ultimately that is not how quarterbacks are judged.

If Barrett wants to be viewed as one of the greats at Ohio State, he won't need more stats, he'll need more banners.

"How do you measure the success of a quarterback?" Urban Meyer asked recently. "Some people do passing yards. You’ll never hear me talk about that. It’s wins and losses. So he’s a very decorated quarterback. His winning percentage must be off the chain. However, he’s never lifted the trophy yet, and I’m talking about the Big Ten championship or the next one after that. And so in my opinion that’s how quarterbacks should be measured."

While Barrett has been a part of a Big Ten and National Championship team, he was on the sideline watching while it all happen. He got the team to the brink, but it was Cardale Jones who is credited with getting them over the edge. Barrett and Meyer both know that there is still something left to prove, despite the unprecedented numbers.

"Are you a champion?" Meyer said. "Have you led your team to a championship? It’s the most unique position in my opinion in all of sport. And how do you measure it? Obviously, Tom Brady is the greatest quarterback of all time? Why? He’s won more championships than any other quarterback. That’s how J.T. is ultimately going to be measured."

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