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Established October 31, 1996
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Last updated: 10/18/2013 3:02 AM
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Football Recruiting
Mr. Ultra Recruitnik Weighs in on Gesicki to PSU
By Michael Chung

Pretend you are the recruitnik of all recruitniks (a recruitnik is a person who has a huge interest in recruiting). Let’s just say that winning the mythical Rivals recruiting national title is almost as important as winning a bowl game. If you happen to be the recruitnik of recruitniks, then you are happy Gesicki went to Penn State. Why? Gesicki did not give too many points in recruiting rankings.

Mike Gesicki semi-surprised many by picking Penn State over Ohio State but no one was shocked. The two schools were virtually tied and something on his PSU visit sealed the deal. Gesicki scheduled his OSU official visit late but had Penn State as his definite last official. This should have tipped experts’ hands as to where Gesicki was leaning. So where does this leave OSU? Is finding another TE essential? If one is highly concerned with recruiting rankings, then Geiscki is not a huge loss.

Before we move on, we all acknowledge that star rankings are not destiny, just because one is a three star or lower does not mean obscurity and a five star does not ensure stardom. Jonathan Hankins, Bradley Roby, Malcolm Jenkins, James Laurinaitis, Santonio Holmes, and AJ Hawk all carried a three star rating from one recruiting service or another (Scout gave Brian Hartline a two star rating). For a more in-depth discussion of 3 star players who were stars, see this Ozone article.

But to the ultra recruitnik, star power is everything, and in this case, Gesicki’s loss is the Buckeyes gain if OSU is to win the mythical Rivals recruiting national championship.

Rivals is considered by many as the best in the business. Alabama has won 3 out of the last four BCS titles and currently sits at #1 in the polls. They have won five of the last six Rivals recruiting national titles.

Though we all know that star ratings do not always translate into star power on the field, Gesicki committing to Penn State could actually help OSU in recruiting rankings. Rivals rates Gesicki a 3 star athlete and not in their top 250 (which could change later in the season). Currently, had Gesicki committed to the Buckeyes, he would have only added Ohio State 90 points because Gesicki had 5.7 Rivals rating and was not in the Rivals top 250 players list.

If the Buckeyes go after a TE, two with offers are DeAndre Goolsby and Tyler Luatua. Luatua is probably out after his official visit debacle but he has a 5.8 ranking and is 169th in Rivals. If the Buckeyes can land Luatua, he would add 19+105 for 124 points, 34 points more than Gesicki. Goolsby is just ahead of Luatua in Rivals at 168 so he would give the Buckeyes the same amount of points: 124.

With the extra scholarship, does Ohio State go harder after Johnnie Dixon? If the Buckeyes picked up Johnnie Dixon, he would add 120+31 equaling 151 points, 61 points more than Gesicki.

If Meyer went hard after another DL like Solomon Thomas (24, 6.0) out of Texas, he would add 135 plus 56 totaling 191 Rivals points, 101 more than Gesicki.

There are reports that OSU has made up a huge amount of ground in the recruitiment of John “Ju Ju” Smith (26, 6.0). He would at 53+135 for a total of 188 Rivals points.

What about Texas DB Jamal Adams? He has 6.0 Rivals rating points and is the 29th best player in the nation. He would also give OSU 188 Rivals points just like JuJu Smith and more than double what Gesicki would have brought to the table.

As far as “Mr. Ultra Recruitnick” is concerned, Gesicki to Penn State is not a big deal. In fact, with so many players out there with OSU offers and higher rankings, Mr. Ultra Recruitnik is happy.

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